Pu Sa Buhm Nim - 3rd degree black belt

Martin Worsley

PSBN Martin was first introduced to Kuk Sool when he was 12 after moving to Norwich with his family. His fist instructors were JDKJN John Ives (KSW Norwich) and JDKJN Richard Roper (KSW Kingwood, Texas). He had to stop when he could no longer get to classes, but he restarted his training in his early 20's. Unfortunately he again stopped as had to move with his career to towns with no Kuk Sool Won schools. He tried other martial arts but never found one that was as complete as Kuk Sool. Instead Martin turned to triathlons and marathon running!

In 2001 he walked into the KSW London South dojang, and has never looked back. His main instructors have been PJKN Nick Reeve (KSW Islington), SBN George Pelekanis (KSW London South), PKJN Matt Boniwell (KSW Cork), and SBN Andy Lapham (KSW Sevenoaks). With their support and guidance Martin achieved his black belt in May 2004, then Kyo Sa Nim (2nd degree) in June 2009, and achieved his Pu Sa Bum Nim (3rd degree) in November 2013.

2013 was a special year for PSBN Martin; he travelled to Korea as part of the official WKSA tour, and competed in the both the Korea Cup and World Championship. He became the Senior 2nd Dan Grand Champion at both the European and UK Tournaments, plus promoted to the rank of 3rd degree - he dedicates his Grand Champion awards to his fantastic instructors.

After two years training on his own in Hong Kong PSBN Martin is back in London and took over the ownership of the school in Easter 2017.

Visiting Instructors

Sa Buhm Nim - 4th degree black belt

Andy Lapham

SBN Andy started his Kuk Sool Won training in 1997 under SBN George and SBN Dave Clarke after being invited to watch a demonstration of Kuk Sool by his friend Matt Boniwell (now PKJN and owner of KSW Cork). Andy was attracted by the variety of techniques within Kuk Sool, and the range of skills covered. 

SBN Andy took over the running of school gradings and teaching classes in 2001 when he was promoted to JKN. Always approachable in the dojang (and out of it) SBN Andy likes to help students understand what they are learning in Kuk Sool and how to apply those lessons to real life. He says one of the best things about being an instructor is helping students learn skills and achieve goals they had thought beyond them. 

In 2008, SBN Andy moved to Sevenoaks in Kent with his family, and in 2010 started his own school, KSW of Sevenoaks. Despite this, he has strong links with KSW London South. Students of both clubs assist in each others demonstrations.

In 2009, Andy promoted to PSBN (3rd degree black belt), in 2011 qualified as a centre judge for KSW tournaments, and became a SBN (4th degree black belt) in 2016. He has taken part in dozens of Kuk Sool demonstrations over the years all across the UK and travelled to Ireland in support of KSW Cork.

Pu Sa Buhm Nim - 3rd degree black belt

Josie Misick

PSBN Josie started training in 2000 under SBN George and SBN David Clarke, the year after her three sons all joined the children's classes at the Dulwich club. Having sat on the sidelines watching them train she was encouraged to join in. She was hooked.

Josie promoted to JKN (1st degree) in 2006. She became a KSN (2nd degree) in 2010, and an instructor for KSW London South. A year later she qualified as a side judge for KSW tournaments.

KSN Josie has won several medals over the years in the WKSA UK and European tournaments, and is still competing. She also takes part in local demonstrations for both KSW London South and KSW Sevenoaks.

In November 2015 Josie promoted to PSBN (3rd degree black belts). Two of her sons are also PSBNs and her other son is a KSN.

PSBN Josie enjoys teaching and encouraging all students and feels that Kuk Sool Won is a great family friendly martial art; "It's for everybody, no matter what age or fitness level". PSBN Josie is now a member of the Sevenoaks school but frequently returns to help teach at London South.

Laurence Misick

PSBN Laurence started training in 1999 in the Kids class after becoming fascinated by all things martial arts. Progressing from the children’s class to the adults class under the instructorship of SBN George Pelekanis (KSW London South), PKJN Matt Boniwell (KSW Cork) and PSBN Maxine Whittaker in 2002. Laurence continued his training with SBN Andy Lapham (KSW Sevenoaks) promoting to JKN (1st degree) in 2005. Achieving KSN (2nd degree) in 2009 after which he attended University.

PSBN Laurence has won several medals over the years in the WKSA UK and European tournaments, regularly competing against his brothers. Upon returning from University Laurence began training and testing for PSBN (3rd degree) under SBN George Pelekanis, PSBN Martin Worsley (KSW London South) & PJKN Nick Reeve (KSW Central London) which he achieved in November 2015.

He is know a member of Master Nick's London Central school though frequently returns to help teach at London South.

Retired Owner and Principle Instructor

George Pelekanis

SBN George was the owner of the London South school from 1992 to 2017, having started practising Kuk Sool Won in 1989. He achieved his black belt in 1994 and became a SBN (4th degree black belt) in 2007. His son, Chris, is a 2nd degree black belt.


SBN George has decided to take some time away from KSW to spend time with his family, and so has handed on the mantal to one of his many black belts, PSBN Martin.


SBN George is proud to have seen many students promote to black belt, and has encouraged several to open their own schools.

Although he says he's "retired' we're sure he'll be back!