We are honoured to be hosting the Grandmaster's seminar on Monday 13th November 2017. It will again be held at the Dulwich Sports Centre, 6-9pm.


This will be open to all students from KSW London South plus our close friends at the Sevenoaks, London Central, and London North schools.


The seminar is always an amazing opportunity to receive instruction from some of the world's most experienced WKSA Masters. An event not to be missed!


It is anticipated that there will be a workshop in March 2018, in Norwich, for all WKSA black belts. Details will be communicated once received.


Would your school be interested in holding a Kuk Sool Won demonstration? Do you know a local event that would like a Kuk Sool demo?

If so please speak to an Instructor.


Please see an instructor for more information of any of the events below, or to register your interest.


Scottish Tournament

27th May 2017 (26th for Adult JKNs and above)

This will be held in Motherwell


European Tournament

3rd June 2017 (2nd for JKNs and above)

This will be held in Norwich


UK Tournament

25th November 2017 (24th for KSNs and above)

This will be held in Liverpool