Our school symbol is a Korean dragon. It features on the back of our club t-shirts, and gives us strength to train hard.

What makes it a Korean dragon?

Designing the dragon for our t-shirt entailed much research by our friend PSBN Josie Misick to ensure that the dragon was indeed a Korean dragon!


The Korean dragon is called a Yong, and in Korean mythology dragons are viewed as benevolent beings, related to water, agriculture and are said to represent the Emperor. They are also renowned for being capable of understanding complex emotions such as devotion, kindness and gratitude.
The features of a Korean dragon are slightly different when compared with other oriental dragons. They are reputed to have the eyes of a rabbit, the belly of a frog, 81 scales, four tiger like feet and claws, a long beard and no wings. Korean dragons are portrayed as kind beasts that live in water or caves, and are habitually associated with good luck. The number 9 is significant and auspicious in Korea, as their dragons are said to have 81 scales on their backs (9 x 9), that represents the yang essence, so our dragon has the requisite number!