About us

KSW London South was started in 1992 by Sa Buhm Nim George Pelkanis (4th degree black belt). Today we hold classes in our dojang (training hall) at the Dulwich Sports Centre (part of Dulwich College) in South London.


KSW London South runs mixed classes, for all levels and ages. We find this a great way to develop the skill and confidence of all students.


We encourage parents to join in rather than sit on the sidelines watching their children having a great time - after all, you've already made the effort to get to the dojang! 


The school's principle instructor and owner is Pu Sa Buhm Nim Martin Worsley (3rd degree black belt). He is assisted in treaching by Kyo Sa Nim Mano Pedrini (2nd degree black belt) and some fantastic visiting instructors; Sa Buhm Nim Andy Lapham (4th degree black belt and owner of KSW Sevenoaks), Pu Sa Buhm Nims Josie Misick and Laurence Misick. Classes are always taken by one of these experienced instructors who ensure that the sessions are fun, educational, and stretching.


Classes for kids (under 12s) run for 45 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. We want our younger students to develop at their own speed, whilst still having fun!